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macheide 117 ( +1 | -1 )
To the webmaster I wanted my last post to be the last. But with your post, I feel forced to answer you.

1.) I don't defend "young-beautiful-girls", unless kaiserpaul and many other men seem that to you.

2.) You said: "...every time someone posts something off-topic, it is intentional". That is false. When people communicate, one theme can fork to another less related and so on, until the original purpose of the post is distinguishable. If one person must be affraid of such a normal phenomenon, something is very wrong with your rules.

3.) Your examples were ridiculous: "chiken soup",..., please!, :)

4.) I'm atheist and don't play tennis.

5.) To spray paint on the White House? Did I write about the FREEDOM OF SPEECH or about the FREEDOM OF SPRAY PAINT ON THE WHITE HOUSE? Let me refresh your memory:

Speech: communication, expression or interchange of thoughts in spoken words.
Synonyms: discourse, speaking, talk, utterance, verbalization.

6.) Constructive alternatives? What for? All of us have seen your intolerance when your clients, your subscribers, have asked you to modify any rule.

And, to finish, I used capitals BECAUSE I WANTED, ANY PROBLEM?
gameknot_com 30 ( +1 | -1 )
Thank you for proving my point. You clearly have no idea what Freedom of Speech means, you are not interested in finding a positive solution here and you have no respect for other participants of this forum. Why else do you keep insisting on starting this kind of discussion in the CHESS forum?